Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management is a process of procuring, developing and maintaining competent workforce to achieve the goals of an organization in an effective and efficient manner. It is the function within an organization that mainly focuses on recruitment, management and the issues related to the people like hiring, compensation, performance management, safety, wellness, employee motivation, administration and training.

HRMS Functions

Why your company needs such system?

In today’s competitive world, you cannot afford to do staff data management on paper. With the help of HRM system, you can manage the internal process whilst maintain the integrity of each practice. One of the biggest advantages of having a sophisticated HRMS online is that it will be monitored by the qualified specialists, who can manage compliance, streamline processes for recruitment and selection, analyze and produce data and reports for internal and external use. Other benefits are the ease of use for computer technology specialists, accurate information and the ability to perform HR audits. Apart from this you can:

Lower Administrative expenses:

  • Cost-reductions in recruitment process
  • Cost-reductions in payroll process
  • Cost-reduction in preparing employee appraisal

Enhance Performance Productivity:

  • Enhance recruitment process
  • Consume Lower time to hire new employees

Why only Fadelsoft HRM?

Fadelsoft is a leading firm, catering to IT and Non-IT sectors all over India and abroad. We provide comprehensive HRM services that help business to achieve its goals and objectives, irrespective of its size. Our total commitment to excellent customer service, proven product knowledge and best practices have cemented our reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and highly competitive company.

Our Value Proposal

  • Powerful human resource management tools to make informed decisions
  • Less paperwork and more accurate records
  • Consistent evaluation and up-gradation of technology
  • Streamlining of business operations, centralizing work flow and reduction in costs
  • Core research on HR concepts
  • A rich blend of project management expertise

Basic Human Resource Management Module

Our HRM system offers you a single source to payroll, analysis, employee life-cycle, pension schemes, medical insurance and other critical important data. This results in seamless and reliable information on which an entire organization can rely on.


Management of Time

This is the most important benefit of our HRM system. It can also monitor those employees who come in and go out more often. This helps in resolving all the problems relating to attendance or any other problem caused by them.

Talent Management

Talent Management Module

HRM system is extremely customizable to your business needs. It analyzes usage of human resources, identifies potential customers and allows HR to recruit people through company facing listing and online job websites.


Travel desk

With Our HRM system, you don’t need to take the help from online travel agencies. It let you use in-built attributes and create your own locations.